Quote to Live By

On Mother’s Day, I wrote about my mom being the strongest woman I know. Well this week I started planning for my quote to live by and I found this quote by Winston Churchill. The quote that I found to me exemplifies my mother and I’s life throughout the years so much that it gave me the chills reading it. The quote is “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” What I am going to do throughout this post is break the quote down into sections and show you what the different parts of the quotes mean to mean.First let’s talk about success. Churchill’s quote says that “Success is not final…” That is very true. Just think are famous athletes and child actors. There is a laundry list of people that have fallen off their pedestal after their early success. Stars like Michael Phelps and Jodie Sweedin have in some ways redeemed themselves. Kim Richards is still on a long road of recovery, but so far is doing very well. Then there are former child actors Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. When I was younger I adored them and their movies. They have fallen so far from grace that I am embarrassed to say I was ever a fan.

The next part of his statement was “…failure is not fatal…” This is an amazing statement on its own. With out the reason of Churchill’s quote this statement could stand on its own. This statement also in some ways parallels the statement, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” This statement reminds me of a moment in my mother’s life where she was severely suffering from her illness. My mother is manic depressive and at some points in her life she also had scizoeffective tendencies. During the height of her illness she attempted to take her life, because her “failures” felt like she could not continue. I am so thankful that she failed; one because I would not be here, but two, she learned after the attempt that failure of any kind is not fatal even though we feel like it is the end of the world. My point in airing my family’s dirty laundry is to show that failure is not something to stop living for, literally and figuratively. Failure is something to learn from and remember so the obstacle can be conquered the next time.

The final part of Churchill’s quote brings it all together; “it is the courage to continue that counts.” This part of the quote is the most inspirational part of all. Even with success and failure you need to be courage enough to continue to make yourself better. Not to be cliche with this next statement, but when you fall down you need to just pick yourself back up and start again. If Jodie Sweedin did not have the courage to kick her drug and alcohol habit, “Fuller House” would not have been the same. (I love me so Fuller House!!) If my mom did not have the courage to realize that she needed to conquer her illness and make her life better for her, then I would not be here to this day. Being courageous does not only mean fighting external battles, it is also fight your internal demons, or as my mom calls them dragons. (Puff and the Jaborwhalky to be exact.)

Being successful does not mean that you have not had failures. Being successful means that you had the courage to continue after you were defeated. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” It is not your success or failures that define you, it is how you react afterwards that does.


6 Habits to Start Doing to Make Yourself Happier and More Productive

As an individual that suffers daily from ADHD, I have found that trying to sticking closely to habits as possible keeps me sane. This is the same thing as someone with perfectly normal executive functions (normies). With this list I have been the person that has NOT done all of these things and when I started doing them I starting seeing myself as happier and I started to see that more things get done.So let’s dive on in with the habits the I started doing that made my life so much better!

Stop “Snoozing”

This was my worst habit! Every morning this is what I told my phone “Oh, 9 more minutes, 9 more minutes.” That cycle would last for about 18 – 45 minutes. When I finally woke up to start my day, I didn’t wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer my day. In fact, I wake up feeling more exhausted than I was when the alarm first went off. Some days I would snooze so much, that I would miss out on crucial self-care time and I became stressed because then I had to rush to get ready in 15 – 30 minutes when in fact the normal time for me to get ready is an hour. Demetri Martin said it best: Hitting the snooze button in the morning doesn’t even make sense. There is an even better quote that I read in Coming Up Roses’ blog. “It’s like saying, ‘I hate getting up in the morning so I do it over and over and over again.’” I love that quote! By hitting snooze you are robbing yourself of the quality sleep you need. By waking up when it goes off you will suffer from less fatigue. A tip from me and the pros if you feel the snooze button is necessary just set your alarm for a later, but reasonable time.

Put Money into Savings

You should always pay yourself first. That’s is something that you always hear but it something that we all really should be doing. Your future self will thank you.Just having a savings is not where you stop though. Way back in the day, I had a Way to Save saving account through Wells Fargo. It was great, but I would constantly be moving money over to my regular account so nothing really was being saved. You need to put things in place for you to not be able to take money out of the account. Maybe even instead of saving you should start a CD.

Plan Your Day

Being ADHD it is very hard for me to remember things on my own. I have to write things down and plan daily. This not only help me focus on my tasks but it also gives me a way to stick to my habits. This is not something thing individuals with ADHD/ADD should do, but all individuals benefit from planning out their day.

I have come up with a list of a few things you should do to be able to plan and conquer your day.

  • Set Goals that you want to accomplish for the Month, Week, and Day.
  • Set daily tasks to accomplish your goal and prioritize what is more important.
  • Make sure to plan time for breaks!
  • Leave time for the unexpected. This applies for work and home life, the unexpected could happen at any time.
  • There are many different benefits to planning your day. Some of these apply to both people with or without ADHD/ADD. Then some of them are amazing for people with ADHD/ADD.

Benefits for both:

  • Helps you prioritize.
  • Helps you see the big picture.
  • You can start working SMARTER not HARDER!
  • Helps you focus.
  • You will end up remembering and doing 90% more than when things are unplanned.

Benefits for people with ADHD/ADD:

  • Helps with procrastination.
  • Improves daily habit formation.
  • Implements structure and routine.

My life was so much harder before I started planning out my day. I personally use both electronic and manual planners and reminders. For electronic I use my phones calendar and reminders, as well as the outlook calendar on my work computer. Then I also use a Bullet Journal to plan my day. Yes, I am one of “those” people and I will praise the bullet journal for the rest of my days. It is amazing!


As I busy mom, I am still finding it hard to work exercise into my routine. However, all it tasks is 15 – 30 minutes of your day to do something. This can include taking a walk, stretching, or even playing with your kids. Just Do It! As Nike would say.

Exercise has many benefits. Some of the benefits for everyone include weight control, improvement of mental health, and increasing your chances of living a longer life. It also helps people with issues with executive functions, like myself. Exercise promotes effort and goal-directed cognition, impacts the complex cognition abilities, and also helps with insomnia of any kind.


When I was younger I would read at least two books a month. I love to read, but I have found it harder and harder to read with my little one running around. I switched to audiobooks for a while, but I wasn’t able to continue to pay for it. Then I switched to EBooks, but I they are not my style. There is nothing like a well-printed book to me, but you can use any form you like just make sure you are reading!

There are so many benefits to reading that it’s not funny and just like with some of the other habits on this list it has additional benefits for individuals with ADHD/ADD. People in general benefit from reading because it increases muscle memory, keeps your brain young, increases your vocabulary, helps improve empathy, and helps melt stress. For people with ADHD/ADD, it helps boost your executive functions when you continue to read as you get older.

“Eat That Frog!”

Eat that Frog is very big in the productivity world. What it means is that you should do the worst, most important, or most unwanted task first. By Eating your Frog it will set the tone for your day and it will boost your momentum to help you get things done. Mark Twain once said “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And If it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” The biggest reason you should just go ahead and eat that frog is because when you first wake up your mind is clearest, so if you go ahead and do it you will be able to focus more on the task and get it done.

To The Strongest Woman I Know

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I want let you guys read a open letter to the strongest woman I know: My Mom. Strength does not always come from muscle, it comes from how you handle the hard times and how you persevere.

Dear Mom,

You have always been the person that I have looked to when things get bad. You may be manic and crazy, like you tell people all the time you have the papers to prove it, but you always make and through and you have taught me how to be a better woman.

Since I was in the fifth grade, it has just been me and you behind closed doors and before 2007 we always had help. Aunt Reesee and Granny made it possible for you to stay strong for me and you never showed be any weakness before then. When Aunt Reesee died in January of 2007, it hit us so hard. It was the first time I really seen you not put together for me. I think by that time I could be trusted to see you broken down. Even then, I felt like you refused to cry. I remember telling you that it was ok to cry, but you never really cried then. It was still a shock when she passed.

The August that followed we lost Granny, that is when it was just us. I became your confidant and you became my best friend. Both of us lost our shit, but you still stayed strong through everything.We struggled but we always had each other.

Now that I’m a mom, I understand how being strong for your child is the most important thing. You now more than ever are my rock and I know that we’re each other’s everything. I may be out of the house now, but you are always the person that I run too. I love you forever and always! You are an amazing Momma Bear and an even better Nona. I hope you always remember that.


Your Baby Girl

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Lynchburg, VA – My Home Sweet Home

For the majority of my life, I have lived in Lynchburg, VA or the surrounding area. This is my home and I am so proud of it. It is right along the James River and it is right in the middle of the state. My amazing city is rooted in history and has grown through faith.

The History

In the Beginning – The Civil War

Lynchburg was chartered in 1786 by John Lynch after seeing its possibilities from the ferry site of Lynch’s Ferry. The town of Lynchburg grew slowly from its charter to the turn of the century. Like most Virginia cities and towns, Lynchburg in the 1800s grew its economy through the production of tobacco. During the Civil War, Lynchburg was a primary supply and hospital center. We were spared from a lot of from a lot of destruction, even though we did see some battle action. The four days between the fall of Richmond and the fall of the Confederacy, Lynchburg was the Virginia state capitol. Lynchburg is even about an hour away from Appomattox Court House where Robert E Lee signed the surrender documents that ended the war on April 9, 1865.

After the Reconstruction

Lynchburg was very prosperous for the latter part of the 19th Century, through iron works, blast furnaces, and steel mills. In the 20th century, Lynchburg moved from a tobacco-driven economy to be driven by manufacturing. My favorite hotel/restaurant is actually the site of formerly one of the largest shoe companies of the south, The Craddock-Terry Shoe Company. Also during this time period, Education flourished with the founding of Randolph-Macon Women’s College and Virginia Christian College. In 1919, Virginia Christian College changed its name to Lynchburg College.

The Modern Age (the 1950s – Present Day)

During the modern age, Lynchburg has obtained nuclear and General Electric plants in 1955. Then in 1971, Pastor Jerry Falwell Sr. challenged his congregation at the first Thomas Road Baptist Church to establish a Christian college that would “impact the world for God.” Lynchburg Baptist College was founded soon after. In 1985, the name was changed to what we now know it to be Liberty University. In 2007, Randolph-Macon Women’s College became coeducational and renamed itself to be Randolph College. This year Lynchburg college has announced that they will also be changing their name at the start of the 18-19 year to be the University of Lynchburg.

Throughout the years you can see how necessity build this city and how faith, along with education, helped it grow. From the 1950s to present day we have seen a 40,000+ increase in population. That’s is an amazing feat for our independent city. (For those of you who do not know what an independent city is, it is a city that is not associated with a county even though it is surrounded by one. Virginia has 38 of the 41 U.S. Independent Cities.)

Attractions I Would Recommend

In Lynchburg

Amazement Square

In Downtown Lynchburg, there is an amazing museum for kids where they can interact with the exhibits.

James River Heritage Trail

If you are a walker or hiker this trail is amazing. My family use to ride bikes here all the time when I was younger.

Old City Cemetery Museum and Arboretum

This cemetery is the oldest city-owned cemetery in use in the state of Virginia. In 1990, it was made into a historical park and arboretum in addition to it being a cemetery.

Point of Honor

The house was completed in 1810 and has amazing views of the city and the James River.

Hill Cats Stadium

I love me some baseball and I now actually live within 3 blocks of the stadium. My brother was actually involved in the refurbishing of the stadium in 2004.

Percival’s Island

This is another walking trail that we have along the James River.

The Craddock-Terry Hotel

This hotel is the site of many different wedding receptions. Along with the hotel, they have an amazing pizza place below the hotel, Waterstone Pizza.

Lynchburg Museum

This museum is an amazing place to find out more information about our city’s history.

Right Outside of the City

Appomattox Courthouse

I love history. So the Appomattox Courthouse is an amazing place to see our state’s history during the Civil War.

The D-Day Memorial

In Bedford, on the anniversary of D-Day in 2001 this memorial was built to commemorate all of the fallen soldiers on D-Day. I was actually there the day it opened and heard President Bush’s address to the 15,000 people that were there. It was built in Bedford because they suffered the greatest losses during the invasion of the Normandy beaches.

The Peaks of Otter

In Lynchburg, we have the most prominent views of the peaks located in Bedford, VA.

Poplar Forest

Poplar Forest is in Forest, Va and it was Thomas Jefferson’s retreat home. It was designed and became a working plantation in 1806.

Why I Love It

I Love Lynchburg

Lynchburg is the perfect mix of small town and “big” city. I love the fact that my city is so rooting in history and faith. We have so many things to do in Lynchburg and the surrounding counties. I grew up here and I wouldn’t change anything about it. During my lifetime it has grown so much. I may make fun of sometimes in my city, but who doesn’t. That does mean that I don’t stand by it every day and will defend its awesome nature to anyone that speaks poor of it.






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7 Things I am Thankful For

Oh Happy Day! It’s a new day and I am awake and breathing. Everyday I wake up is a good day and something to be thankful for. This list is to inspire me and you to find things to be thankful for day-to-day.

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1. My Religion

Wars are started over religion all the time and history is riddled with stories of one religion warring with another over one side believing their religion is better than the other. I am a Christian and my belief in my God has gotten me through everyday of my life. My belief system keeps me grounded and in a crazy world like ours you need to be grounded to survive. I do not believe, however, that my religion is better than yours. You are free to practice any religion you wish.

2. My Family

My family are the people who taught me my values and they are the reason why I strive to achieve everything I have already done and everything I will do in the future. They are my cheerleaders and my shoulder to cry on. Without my family, I would not have gotten as far as I have.

3. My Friends

Throughout my lifetime, I have had the pleasure to many people who I am proud to call my friends. I would be there for all of them if they needed me and I know that they would do the same for me.

4. My Full Time Job

My 9-5 is the reason, I am able to provide for my family. I have been there for four years and they have been amazing to me.

5. My Car

My car is the reason I can reliably be at work everyday. A lot of people do not have access to a vehicle daily and the fact that I am able to have one is something to be thankful for.

6. My Health

I may not be in the greatest health, but I am in a place health wise where I am not at great risk of a major illness. I have had many members of my family be diagnosed with cancer and it scares me that it may happen to me. I have been thankful to be clear of that poison and I pray that will never happen. This is not to say that I do not have things to work on in this aspect, but where I am is something to be thankful for.

7. First World Amenities

I have clean running water, a refrigerator, washing machine and dryer, internet and cable TV. A lot of people in the world, let alone the United States, cannot say this.

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This is a very small version of all the things that I am thankful for. Now that you have read through my own list, I encourage you to think about your own. What is your “Number 1”? Feel free to comment on this post and let me know. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Faux the Caged Girl

Hey guys so great to be back! Recently I have been taking some classes on Coursera on Creative Writing. It has really spurred on something that has been on my mind for a long time. Writing a novel! Here is my first assignment, please check it out and tell me what you think. Be warned it doesn’t have an ending it is just the beginning. The story about a girl that was sold to a sorcerer, who forces her to go through different trails every day. So take a look…..

Faux Dexterity used to be such an ordinary girl and now all she wanted more than anything else in the world, is to be free, but every morning when she woke something else was in her way to freedom. This morning she woke up in a seemingly impenetrable cage that did not seem to have locks. Faux’s confidence after yesterday’s challenge had become next to nothing, she had no idea how she would escape today, but she knew she had to try. While in thought about how she would escape today, she heard something move to her left, a tiger. “Great,” she thought “today is the day I will never make it.” Faux then noticed behind the tiger something she had not noticed when she awoke, rings, but not ordinary rings, puzzle rings. Her way out! The trick was to sneak past the tiger and then all she needed to do was work the puzzle to be free. But how, she needed a plan, but she could shake the feeling that the tiger will be her last obstacle. She could just feel herself exploding with anger, but she needed to calm down. “I can’t do this,” she thought “This is the hardest one yet.” At this point, there was no pretending that she was brave enough to do this. All she wanted to do was curl up in a ball and sob herself back to sleep. Maybe she would wake up to something easy to handle like a crow or a carrot. But no, today she has to deal with this tiger and she had no idea that within in the next few moments something extraordinary would happen. Faux’s memory was amazing, she could remember every day before and after her life became this complete side show. She could remember her mother, the shining light in her life, and even her father, the man that sold her to this fate. She never thought that the man that told her he loved her, the man that helped bring her into this life, would be so filthy.
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Pokemon Go: Reliving Your Childhood One Ball at a Time

Before I start I have to say I do not own the right to any of the images, names, or titles in this post.

It just a normal day at work. I’m at lunch and I hear everyone outside talking about Pokemon. I start thinking to myself “Why is everyone talking about Pokemon? I haven’t heard this much Pokemon talk since I was in Elementary school.” So of course I pull my phone out and google it. The new app that everyone outside was talking about is Pokemon Go.

So of course I download it and start playing. I quickly learn that this game is very addicting. I play it at home, I play it at work, and the day I downloaded it I played it while driving, dangerous I know.

I felt like I was back in the fifth grade. Trying to catch them all and upgrading as much as possible. When I caught Bulbasaur, it was all over my childhood was officially relived. It was almost like getting a holographic card, I was so excited.

Thinking back at the days where we traded cards though, I believe that was a lot better than just walking around trying to catch these Pokemon. Kids now a days are already stuck on their phones/their parents phones enough. We were so much more social when we were younger. Playing, trading, and bargaining was part of the game. Oh and don’t forget coming home just in time to watch Ash do the same thing you were trying to do all day long at school. Be the best!

I will admit that I am the biggest kidult that you will ever meet. Pokemon, Sailor Moon, My Little Pony; I keep up with it all still. So now that this game is out it all over, I’m done. Mind blown! I am going to play this until I get bored with it or until they release something new that is even better.

So if you need an escape and want to relive what you thought you lost. Run around and chase Pokemon. Just be careful. Stay away from cliffs and parks after dark. No need in losing your life over a game.

Thanks for reading. See you next time.

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Just Me and The Squirrels

Hey guys! Thanks for joining me on my new journey into an online presence.

I can tell you right now, I have a plan for my blog but I will probably not always stick to it. The label of “ADHD” suits me. People at my full time job will definitely tell you that I have a lot of “squirrel” moments.

The biggest part of this blog will be talking about my everyday struggles and successes. My life has been turned upside down these past few months. I had a baby, my job title changed, and I moved in with my boyfriend. So with all the craziness said I am aiming to post at least once or twice a week until I get into my routine again.

Thank you so much again for joining me I look forward to a very long relationship.